Proven protection
Powerful performance

We provide composite solutions, which protect effectively against diverse threats

The lightweight and simultaneously strong and stiff composite products, from small components to large ship superstructures, are made for high-level performance – all tested and proven in the most extreme conditions.


Latest composite technologies are used for production of varying products and production volumes.

  • We deliver production efficiency and quality that meet and exceed those typically available in modern composite industry.
  • Our production facilities enable production of large structures.
  • Increasing use of closed-mould manufacturing methods also for very large structures, exemplifies achievements made in our ongoing production technology development.
  • We keep increasing our capabilities to meet new challenges, while improving HSE topics.
Structural composites give freedom for structural design
Ballistic protection for protecting personnel, vehicles, ships and special equipment.
Integrated Lifecycle Services available for all suppliers’ products
Composite structures outperform conventional materials
A wide range of materials and production technologies
Powerful modelling and analysis tools such as 3D-modelling, non-linear finite element analysis and advanced composite analysis software.
Varying product sizes and series
Partnering in turnkey deliveries, R&D, ILS and customized product design and production
Certified quality system according to ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 covers the entire life cycle of composite structures and products

Products for ballistic protection and structural applications

Our main customers include organizations operating in the field of defence. We have participated in demanding customer projects since establishment in 1986.

Modern, versatile manufacturing processes ensure that our products fulfil tight customer demands. Our quality system covers all our operations from research and development through to design, production, installation, integrated lifecycle services (ILS) as well as sales and marketing. Our certified quality system conforms to the quality assurance requirements of ISO 9001 and NATO AQAP 2110.

Integrated Lifecycle Services ensure the performance and features of your products, and keep them fit for demanding – even extreme – conditions throughout their lifetime.

General contract governing security organization in collaboration with Finnish Defence Forces

The contract applies to all ventures, in which classified information, documents or material of Finnish Defence Forces or FY-Composites Oy is handled. The contract also applies to people, systems, subcontractors and procedures involved in the ventures.


Faceshield/Splash Visor (kasvosuoja/roiskevisiiri): EU Declaration of Conformity
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