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Manufacturing Technologies

FY-Composites has a wide variety of production technologies available. The chosen technology depends on many factors like the size of the product, the number of the products and the materials used. The manufacturing technologies in use at FY-Composites are:
  • High pressure moulding
    Helmets, armouring panels

  • Vacuum infusion
    Medium / large structural products, max. panel size 3100x9600 mm

  • Resin transfer moulding (RTM)
    Small / medium size
  • Thermoplastic
    High volume series production

  • Wet lay-up

  • Prepreg laminating
    High temperature resistant products

  • Polyurethane casting
    Fittings, special products

Production efficiencies and quality meet and exceed those typically found in the modern composite industry.

We constantly strive to increase our capabilities to meet new challenges, while increasing workers' safety and reducing environmental impacts.

The increasing use of closed-mould manufacturing methods, even for very large structures, is an example of the achievements we have made in our ongoing production technology development programme.

Our production facilities enable the production of large structures.

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