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Examples of Our Projects

Some examples of our past experience in demanding composite constructions.

T2000 air cushion vehicle

As air cushion vehicles are highly weight-critical, the high strength/stiffness-to-weight ratios of composite materials are of great benefit to the performance of the craft. We have designed and constructed a composite superstructure and bow thrusters for this special vessel, ITA Tuuli.

Hamina class vessels

All the above-deck superstructures in the new Hamina class fast-attack vessels are made from carbon composite materials. This has allowed an almost two-fold increase in the size of superstructures, while still retaining the same weight. Most of the structures are sandwich structures with multishield properties for ballistic, radar and EMC protection. These unique shielding solutions are designed by FY-Composites.

Stena fast aluminium catamarans

In these large, spectacular vessels composites were used for the first time in large scale. Composite structures have saved 30% more weight than comparable optimised welded aluminium structures.

The structures were classified according to Det Norske Veritas HSLC rules. The design and dimensioning of these parts has set the guidelines for developing the classification of large composite parts for all vessels of this scale.

Railway construction

We have produced a series of 14 composite parts for the Intercity double-decker coaches of the Finnish State Railways and the cabins for the two first Finnish "Pendolino" trains. These cabins have a sandwich construction and they are made of glass and aramid fibres with an epoxy pre-preg matrix.

Machine building

• High efficiency composite fan impellers were designed to meet the specific customer demand of Fläkt Woods Oy. The fan impellers are manufactured according to a modular design concept to allow the fabrication of a wide range of impellers with a limited number of tools.

• A composite main structure for military apparatus was developed to replace the existing aluminium structure. The main targets - low weight and chemical resistance - were met at a reasonable cost.


• Composite research and special-gear-storage containers were designed and delivered for naval applications.

• A composite twin container for the transport and storage of a new generation of missiles was developed and produced. This novel concept utilises the weight-saving potential and fast serial production capabilities of composite materials.

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