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Composite materials can be used in a wide variety of application areas. They are most useful in structures where the critical issue is how well the final product performs. Their superb properties (mechanical strength, fatigue resistance and chemical resistance, etc.) combined with the greater flexibility they give to design, result in cost-effective solutions.

The following are examples of areas that could benefit from the properties of advanced composites:


Composite structures have been, or can be, used in many shipbuilding applications, including:
  • load-carrying parts of the hull
  • superstructures
  • chimneys and exhaust ducts
  • air-conditioning rooms
  • ramps
  • pylons
  • architectural structures
  • various equipment and fixtures
  • helicopter platforms


Rapidly increasing fuel costs are the main reason for the trend towards lighter vehicles. Not surprisingly, composites have long been used in aircraft, as each kilogram in saved weight can be transformed into fuel consumption and cost savings. Simultaneously, this improves the properties and performance of vehicles.

Similar benefits are achievable in other transportation applications such as:
  • trains and trams
  • buses
  • trucks
  • tractors
  • harvesters
Composite structures not only allow savings in fuel costs, but also open up new design opportunities that improve the properties of vehicles.

Machine building

Weight is always significant when machines parts rotate and move. On the other hand, the accuracy of these movements is also significant. Composites are ideal materials to meet both these requirements.

Composites are beneficial in almost all aspects of machine building and in almost all product areas, including:
  • paper and board machines
  • the moving parts of milling machines
  • the rotating parts of high efficiency fans
  • textile machines
In machine building, the only limit is imagination.


Turnaround time is a key driver in both new buildings and renovations. Lightweight, fully-equipped elements and structures decrease the assembly time required on site, not only in house building, but also in fields such as bridge construction.

Some examples of the use of composites in construction include:
  • balconies
  • bathroom elements
  • facade elements
By using the right combination of reinforcements and resins, it is possible to meet most official requirements and standards.

The above-mentioned application areas are just a few examples of how the excellent properties of composites can create new, cost-competitive design and business opportunities.

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