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Light Weigth Armoring Solutions

FY-Composites Oy is the turnkey supplier for lightweight armouring solutions, which are manufactured in accordance with the customer's specific needs. Composite armouring solutions are typically used in applications where it is necessary to reduce armouring weight to maximise operational mobility and payload. FY-Composites Oy's has many years and numerous projects-worth of experience in the design and manufacture of armouring solutions that protect against fragments and secondary projectiles (spall liners), hand guns (9 mm Luger, 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum), shotguns, high-powered rifles, armour-piercing rifles (steel core - hard metal core) and heavy machine guns.

Armouring design and selection is always a optimisation study between performance (protection level), weight and price. FY-Composites Oy is able to use and combine armouring metals and ceramics in its armour composite materials. Armouring steel with composite backing is an inexpensive solution if weight is not a critical requirement. Alumina and boron carbide ceramic as a face material with a backing made of aramid (Kevlar™ or Twaron™), polyethylene, polypropylene or glass fibre with a specific matrix material can be used in high performance and lightest weight requirement solutions.

Our armouring solutions are widely used in the protection of vehicles, VIP-cars, navy vessels and containers.

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