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FY-Composites has a long history of manufacturing ballistic helmets. Our helmets are designed to give their users the best possible protection against fragments and bullets in diverse situations. Their extensive protection area, high energy absorption capacity, extreme strength and minimal deformation, i.e. trauma after a hit, all contribute to form a unique combination of safety factors.

The comfortable inner liner makes it possible to wear the helmet for long periods of time. The liner, which is made of non-irritating materials, can be comprehensively adjusted to ensure maximum comfort for individual users. The three-point-fastened straps keep the helmet stable even when its wearer is running or taking cover. The inner liner also alleviates the force on its user's head and neck when the helmet takes a hit.

Our helmets are not only comfortable, but compatible. They are designed for use with various hearing protection and communication systems, as well as with gas masks. The helmet edge is sealed by a cast polyurethane band, designed to prevent the moisture-sensitive aramid material from absorbing any humidity.

We have also manufactured numerous special helmet models to meet customer specifications. Modifications are no problem for us.

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