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FY-Composites Oy has a wealth of experience in the development, design, manufacturing and maintenance of a wide range of ballistic protection products. Our business philosophy is to work in close co-operation with customers to find the best solutions, technically and economically, for their individual needs. FY-Composites is not just a producer of catalogue products. We are also skilled and experienced in customer-driven projects.

Our products are suitable for many purposes - including combat, de-mining or humanitarian operations. Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Border Guards or humanitarian organisations, like the UN, and homeland security departments are among potential users. Our product line consists of helmets offering different levels of protection, special helmets, ballistic visors, the Rapid Armor Shelter System® "RASS", de-mining and anti-bullet shields and armoured panels and spall liners for vehicles, ships, containers, etc. We also often handle confidential special projects for our customers.

Our protection products fulfil NATO's requirements. Products are always designed, manufactured, tested and verified in accordance with international standards such as EN, DIN, NIJ, AQAP and Stanag. Most of our products have also gained military product approval by the Finnish Defence Forces. This is granted after strict ballistic, field, aging and safety testing according to the customer's requirement.

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