FY-Composites Oy is a leading company in the development and manufacturing of composite products for ballistic protection and structural applications. Since 1986 it has served exacting customers in numerous challenging projects. FY-Composites' highly-successful solutions and structures have been designed and developed together with the customers. Its novel and high-class manufacturing methods have resulted in top-quality products that meet strict customer requirements.

Our After Sales Service takes care of the lifetime maintenance of the products delivered. We also offer our expertise in terms of the repair and maintenance of various composite structures.

FY-Composites Oy's subsidary SMH-Uretan Oy specializes in manufacturing of polyurethane-elastomeric parts and coatings for various applications.

FY-Composites was founded under the name Hollming Ltd, which later became Finnyards Ltd. Materials Technology. FY-Composites Oy became an independent company in 2000 as is owned by its management and personnel.

FY-Composites Oy is a smoke-free workplace.

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